Services Offered by firmum

We offer services in the following areas.


  • Quality Assessments and Architecture Evaluations

    With more than 20 years experience in quality software, we can provide valuable feedback on software systems, and point you to efficient improvements in quality


  • Broad Experience

    We have a broad experience in different design patterns to select the correct ones for your problems

  • Impact Estimation

    We are able to provide realistic estimates for different implementation choices, and so can provide you with context to make informed decisions

  • Formal Methods

    We have experience in using formal methods to ensure completeness of specifications, and to know at which abstraction levels they are most useful


We maintain a strong focus on how the software is intended to be used, and so provide interfaces with a vocabulary your users will understand


We have a wide range of experience for implementing your solution. Starting from C++ for embedded processors, too .NET for UI, we have the experience to allocate functions where they make most sense. Add to this the use of formal models with generated code for critical parts, and modeling to understand problems properly, we can deliver an outstanding system.