firmum is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It is registered at the Kamer van Koophandel Oost-Brabant Nr 17171664.

Web Site

The contents on this web site are copyrighted by firmum, 2024. All rights reserved. You are allowed to quote from the contents, or copy articles, as long as

  1. You clearly mark it with our copyright
  2. You provide a link to the original material
  3. And You provide the date at which the material was copied.

All of this must be in human readable form.

While we made an effort to ensure that all the information here is correct, we unfortunately cannot guarantee it. We would appreciate if you contact us, should you find an error.

General Terms and Conditions

1a Taal

Klant gaat ermee accord dat deze allgeme voorwarden in het Engels zijn opgestellt, en verklaart, dat hij communicatie in het Engels ook zonder vertaling als gelijkwaardig aan communicatie in het Nederlands erkennt.

1b Language

The preferred language of communication for firmum is English. Clients recognize this, and agree that English communication has the same legal standing as their native languages, including Dutch.

2 Intellectual Property

For intellectual property, firmum makes a distintiction between project property and general property. Project property is that intellectual property that is directly related to a given project, and that can only be used for that project, or for very similar projects. General property, on the other hand, is intellectual property that can also be used outside the project and in other sectors. firmum transfers any project property rights to its client. Should these lead to any patents, then firmum will receive 30% of the market value as compensation. firmum retains all rights to general property developed by it, and will grant its client a project/product specific license to use that property. This license will be non-revocable, and perpertual, once the client has paid in full.

3 Trade Secrets

Both firmum and its client agree to treat each others trade secrets confidentially, and to take reasonable precautions that this stays so. They also agree that both parties are liable for damages resulting from leaking trade secrets.

4 Liability

While firmum takes great pride in the quality of its output, we cannot guarantee that it will work perfectly. We can, however, guarantee that our work will basically perform according to its specifications, and we will fix any implementation errors found within six months of release free of charge. Unless firmum has worked carelessly, and to the extent permissible by law, our damages are limited to 10% of annual turnover for all clients.

5 Payment

Payment has to occur within 30 days of billing. For any further delays client is liable for interest, and firmum reserves the right to stop doing business in such a case.

6 Other General Terms and Conditions

firmum accepts other general terms and conditions only if it has explicitly agreed to them. In case of conflicts, the conflicting points have to be resolved in a written contract, otherwise the sellers agreement has priority. Also any written contract by firmum takes precedence over these general terms and conditions.

7 Data Storage and Privacy

firmum takes your privacy serious, and will never make its customer data available to third parties. We do not store any personal data from browsing this site, but reserve the right to use such data to the extent strictly necessary to prevent criminal behavior. firmum stores your data in the EU, and is governed by the European data protection directive (more info…)

8 Legal location

firmum is governed by Dutch law.