Liability And Reliability

With software becoming more and more indispensable for mission critical tasks, while in most instances already feature–complete, reliability will be the next frontier in software evolution.

  • With everything now internet connected, it must be secure and robust. We know how to create secure software, do you really want to wait until liability laws catch up and expose a huge risk?

    Every single buffer overflow error is just bad programming. We even have programming languages architected to make it impossible, and they are fast enough almost always.

  • Regarding features, things has become stable. It is now more about specialization, to create something that your users love because it fits so well, and because it avoids cruft

  • The app stores have shown us that users do not want to spend time maintaining their computers, they want something that works seamlessly

  • Software has now become critical for most any business function, and any failure can be quite expensive. A non software way is no longer economic as a backup, so the software must be reliable to avoid outages

  • Demand goes to the next level: Usability and Reliability. The same as has happened with cars: First you needed it so badly, that you were prepared to accept a lot of little annoyances in using it. Then, in the 60’s, you wanted an easy to use car, that looked nice. Then, the Japanese came, and redefined expectations of quality