Certification Required?

Current software certification requirements are pretty harmless. But it is only a matter of time until they will become stricter. Why not lead in that development, and shut out the competition as well?

As software becomes more and more the lifeblood of critical systems, and as these systems take on more and more functionality to satisfy a growing demand both for making the systems more user friendly and for smarter control to save on energy, for example, the systems become so software heavy that the old hardware oriented methods to ensure reliability (the well known watchdog timer) become less workable, because on restart the state of the systems will become more and more complex, adding the initialization as a major new source of complexity.

Therefore it is only a matter of time until the currently available strict requirements (for example for railway systems and aircraft) will expand into more and more areas. Being a technology leader in that area, you will have the ability to shape the standards toward which your systems have to conform, and so secure a competitive advantage.