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Why You Can't Afford Not To Invest In Quality

It is amazing to see a hacker produce some working prototype in a week or two, but how long will it take to make it run reliably? Soon you are getting tired of serving as a beta tester, and wonder "why can't they get it right?" But there is a better way available.

- Modelling can find the hard errors

- Normal good practices reduce slip through rate

- Costs of repair much higher than visible

- Improved delivery time because of lower debugging resources

- Improved planning and coordination inside the organization

- Properly accounting for the cost of a software project.

- The unlikely places errors pop up: the Titan space mission, the mars lander, …

- Exernal costs of poor quality: Pentium Bug was really small, but still a PR desaster. Mercedes-Benz cars often have problems with their electronics, causing a pretty bad ranking in consumer reports. Car component manufactures refuse to give guarantees on the working of their electronics.