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Company Background

firmum was set up to in the believe that current software development pratices lack both a rigereous approach, leading to unneccessary faulty results, and short change the user, requiring way to much programming knowledge simply to use a computer. firmum's goal is to help its clients overcome these limitations.

firmum derives its name from the latin word for safe and reliable, and that is how software produced by firmum is.

Formal Design

firmum uses Verum's ( ASD design process, which allows it to cost efficiently capture a design, and verify it. There are two great benefits compared to other formal methods: Firstly, it is written in a way that allows its clients to understand the specification, so that the system actually conforms to the wishes of the customer, and secondly, the verification process is highly automated, making it cost efficient.


firmum's founder has a long running interest in useability, and has worked on several projects to produce easy to use interfaces. He also has found ways to bridge the chasm to formal design methods using ASD.